This WWCP is to assist Super 6 Soccer directors, staff, volunteers and participants to ensure that their conduct meets child safety standards.


1.             Introduction 

Super 6 Soccer offers small side soccer competitions to junior and adult teams.  Competitions for children are held annually from September to December on one night per week.  As an alternative to traditional football club competitions held in winter Super 6 Soccer’s children’s competitions are social and held at one venue.  Super 6 Soccer does not run sponsored training sessions.

Children’s teams are generally coordinated by parents or carers. 

Super 6 Soccer is committed to promoting and protecting the safety and wellbeing of all children participants and encouraging appropriate behaviour from all stakeholders.  

Super 6 Soccer aims to promote a safe environment for all children to participate and to assist all staff, officials, team members (including team administrators/players) and volunteers to promote appropriate behaviour, recognise child abuse and follow the appropriate notification procedures when reporting alleged abuse.


2.             Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to:

·                    work towards a culture of child safety;

·      ensure that all Super 6 Soccer participants are aware of their responsibilities in identifying instances of child abuse;

·          establish procedures for preventing child abuse and detecting child abuse;

·             provide guidance where a person suspects any child abuse within Super 6 Soccer competitions;

·                     provide a clear statement to Super 6 Soccer supervisors, officials, referees, team administrators, parents, spectators, players, volunteers, employees and contractors that child abuse will not be tolerated;

·                     provide assurance that any and all suspected instances of child abuse will be investigated;

·                     ensure Super 6 Soccer’s obligations under the relevant NSW legislation are met;

·                     identify which roles in Super 6 Soccer are child related and need a working with children check (WWCC); and

·                     ensure that all Super 6 Soccer staff (including all Super 6 Soccer supervisors, officials and referees)  have a valid WWCC (excluding referees under the age of 18).


3.             Scope

This WWCP applies to all Super 6 Soccer paid and volunteer staff, contractors, players, team organisers, parents, carers and spectators.


4.             Legislation

 There are three Acts that legislate sporting organisations in NSW must have a WWCP:

Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012

·               Help protect children from child abuse, and support their safety, welfare and well being.

·                    Not permit certain persons to engage in childrelated work.

·                 Require persons engaged in child related work to have working with children check clearance.


Child Protection (Working With Children) Regulations 2013

·                   Defines how sporting organisations must follow this legislation.

·                  Defines the roles that require a working with children check clearance.


Child Protection (Working with Children) Amendment (Miscellaneous) Regulation 2013

·                    Provides amendments to the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012


5.             Child-related work


Super 6 Soccer offers weekly small sided social soccer competitions for children’s football teams from September to December in various locations.  Super 6 Soccer supervisors and referees ensure games are properly officiated.

 Super 6 Soccer engages volunteers and paid employees to operate canteens and BBQs from time to time at selected venues.  Contractors/groundsmen are engaged form time to time to mark lines for playing fields.

 Super 6 Soccer ensures all paid operational staff and volunteers for playing fields (including Super 6 Soccer supervisors, officials/referees and canteen operators) have a valid WWC number.


The following are exempt from the requirement to have a WWCC:

·           ground staff who mark lines for playing fields when no children are present,

·                     referees/canteen staff under the age of 18

·                 volunteer parents or carer coordinators responsible for managing their children’s football team

·                    guest presenters or speakers attending end of season presentation functions


6.             Nominated contact people


Super 6 Soccer Pty LTD - Employer ID: REG0019985


Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs)


·                     Leo Cirillo – CEO

·                     Stephen Courtney – Operations/Supervisor


Super 6 Soccer MPIOs are registered contacts with the Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG). They are responsible for ensuring that this policy is followed; including ensuring new staff undertake a WWCC, maintaining WWCC records for existing staff, taking appropriate action where WWCCs expire or staff have a WWC check clearance declined.


7.             Record Keeping

Super 6 Soccer maintains WWCC records for all its paid and volunteer staff who are required to hold a WWCC number on its secure server.  The Super 6 Soccer MPIOs are responsible for maintaining these records.


8.             Barred workers

If the OCG contacts a nominated person from Super 6 Soccer to notify them that an individual has had their WWC status barred or has been placed on an interim bar, Super 6 Soccer will take the following steps:


·           An MPIO will notify the individual within 24 hours that their WWC clearance is barred;

·                     If barred, the individual’s role with Super 6 Soccer will be terminated, effective immediately;

·                     If placed on an interim bar, the individual will be suspended from their role immediately until further information is received from the OCG; and

·                     If cleared, the individual may return to their role with Super 6 Soccer.


If a person refuses to get a WWCC

If a person refuses to provide a WWC number they may not work with children at Super 6 Soccer.

9.             Behaviour reported as misconduct


If any misconduct towards children is reported, Super 6 Soccer will take the following steps (while respecting the confidentiality of the informant/alleged victim where necessary):


·                     Notify the alleged perpetrator of the misconduct.

·                     Investigate the alleged misconduct and speak to any witnesses.

·                 Ascertain whether the issue can be resolved privately between parties (once informed of an issue many people are able to alter their behaviour accordingly).

·                  Have an objective person speak with the individual about their alleged behaviour.

·                     Monitor the alleged perpetrator.

·         Bring the Super 6 Soccer Code of Conduct to the attention of the individual in question.

·                     Brainstorm a way similar issues will not occur in the future.

·                     If appropriate, an independent person will be appointed to speak with the children of the team and their adult coordinator(s) about what is considered inappropriate behaviour and who to tell if something concerns them (their parent, their coach, a friend, a friend’s parent).

·                     If appropriate, mentor the individual to improve their behaviour.

·             Arrange for a mediation between aggrieved parties with a representative from Super 6 Soccer.

·                     If appropriate seek an apology from the perpetrator to the victim.

·                     Issue a written warning to the alleged perpetrator about their behaviour.

·                     If the perpetrator holds a role with Super 6 Soccer, suspend or dismiss the individual.

·                     Keep a record of the allegation, investigation and outcome.

An MPIO will report any suspected child abuse or neglect to the FaCS helpline (ph:132 111).


10.          Communication


·                     This WWCP is provided to all Super 6 Soccer staff and volunteers.

·                     This WWCP is available on the Super 6 Soccer website (in the “About Us” section).

·                     Contact details for Super 6 Soccer MPIOs are made available on the Super 6 Soccer website (in the “About Us” section).





Leo Cirillo  

Managing Director

Dated: 8 August 2019




Two years from dated above.